Endorsement from Leith Tilley

Leith Tilley and his family have privately purchased their team of White Suffolk rams from the Ashmore bloodline for many years.

With a long history of working in the meat industry - with time spent at Meat & Livestock Australia, Rangers Valley Feedlot and Thomas Foods - Leith knows what he is after when it comes to his team of rams.

Leith and his wife Kirsty are part of Greenwith Farms which is operated by his parents Robert and Dianne Tilley, along with his brother Jarred and wife Alice.

Greenwith encompasses 3000Ha of land, spread across properties Invermay at Kapunda and Anama at Booberowie.

Amongst that 3000Ha they run 3000 Merino ewes with 600 mated to White Suffolk rams - all of which have come from Ashmore.

Leith said the aim of incorporating the White Suffolks was to produce an early sucker lamb in spring thus reducing the number of sheep and lambs they run over summer stubbles. "We will increase the number of ewes we mate to White Suffolks in the future to around 1000 - 1200 as we further refine our sheep program to be inline with pasture growth and availability" Leith said.

Having known Troy and Nette since University and since remaining great friends, Leith said it was a no-brainer to work with them.

"We've purchased rams from Ashmore the last 8 years after we purchased Anama and started to grow our sheep numbers from 800 ewes to 3000 ewes" he said.

Typically coinciding with their shearing time, Leith said they've historically purchased their rams through private selection rather than attend their sales.

"We've been really happy to rely on Troy to select the rams on our behalf - he's the professional!" Additionally, there's been times when we've decided in October and November to hold onto excess older sheep and mate to White Suffolks so we've had to rely on private selections."

Nette said it has been a pleasure to work with the Tilley family and they looked forward to selecting their rams each year.

"We pick rams out for them that suit their operation and deliver them to either their Booberowie or Kapunda property", Nette said.